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About us

Humanity is our driving force

Simply better walking – our product promise for safety shoes
with the BAAK® go&relax system.


Baak is the only manufacturer of foot-fitting safety shoes.

Foot-fitting safety shoes not just consider the form of the foot but also enable the natural and functional foot movement, thanks to the patented Baak® go&relax system. Thus, walking is very comfortable and feet, muscles and joints stay fit and powerful. This relieves the entire musculoskeletal system and contributes, besides the necessary protection, to a long-term health maintenance.

With this system we have a holistic concept and emphasize the importance of health. Thus, we have achieved a valuable step toward the future.

Tradition meets innovation.

BAAK is a modern family business in the second generation based in Straelen. For almost 30 years we have been engaged in the development and design of trend-setting safety shoes. We combine know-how, professionalism and highest quality standards to innovative products. And today we can already look forward to many more successful years – thanks to strong employee loyalty, an excellent team spirit and long-standing relationships with our sales and production partners.


Our drive: humanity.

We at BAAK are aware of our responsibility towards our employees and business partners. That is why our daily actions are characterised by reliability, fairness and appreciation.

One of our most important aims: that the people who deal with BAAK feel comfortable. This applies not only to our internal processes, but also to our product portfolio. We see our central task in the long-term health of the people who wear our safety shoes every day. At BAAK, things are fundamentally a little more humane. It is our vision to provide all people who need appropriate foot protection with an individual and, above all, foot-friendly safety shoe in the future.


» We are a little more humane than that.«

Mario Achterberg –
Assistant to the operational management

»Numbers are my daily business. Whether in purchasing, costing, statistics or evaluations, I feel at home.
I enjoy being able to actively oversee and influence business from start to finish. This is an opportunity and the advantage of flat hierarchies. Opinions and ideas count here and are encouraged. I can continue my education and grow from the challenges.«

Sven Hoffmann

He is active in national and international internal sales.

»During order processing I come into contact with customers all over the world. For example, with a gentleman from Canada who exceptionally ordered a single pair from us – despite extremely high shipping costs. During his online search for “best safety shoes from Germany”, he came across the advantages of BAAK. When I was asked, I learned that the customer was highly satisfied with his shoes. Not only in such moments do I work with passion at BAAK. Every day I am convinced that our company develops really good shoes.

And I think the mood in our company is great. At BAAK, despite all the professionalism, things are really family. Team spirit and tolerance are not empty words, they are actually lived. The result is a relationship of trust that is simply satisfying. My colleagues, myself – and all those who come into contact with BAAK.«

Andrea Grusa

She manages BAAK together with her husband Ingo Grusa.

»In our company we work together with a team of almost thirty employees, most of whom have been with us for many years. The cohesion among each other is enormous, the contact to us in the management is close and personal.

When we took over the company in the second generation, it was immediately clear to me: In addition to the corporate strategy, the satisfaction of the employees is particularly important to me. That’s why we want to organize the tasks in such a way that they fit exactly to the employees – and that they can develop according to their strengths. This makes working and identifying with BAAK simply more fun.«

Ingo Wietrzychowski

our orthopaedics expert

»I have been a passionate orthopaedic shoe technician for 30 years. It is a pleasure for me to give people a good walking feeling “on the foot”. Can’t be done, doesn’t exist in my philosophy. Implementing ideas, getting involved with the needs and finding a solution is what this profession is all about for me.
Here at Baak, the focus is on people and their health. A great team that stands behind you, bosses who give me the necessary leeway to implement ideas. Tasks like checking goods, repairs and dealing with complaints, together with my nice colleague, loosen things up. It’s nice to be here and to belong.«

Sonja Arians

in shoe development

»As a shoe designer, it is my job to improve existing models and to create new ones. For this, it is important not to think in pigeonholes and to think outside the box. The implementation of sustainable processing is also becoming more and more important, and I am always happy to take on these tasks.
I am happy to be able to practise my profession close to home and to be part of the BAAK team.«


Our most precious shoe

As a BAAK team, we have jointly developed our most precious shoe. Values that are important to all of us and connect us.

The flexible upper material

We change perspectives, are tolerant and respect others.

The lacing

We are loyal, our values unite and hold us together.

The toe cap

We are loyal, our values unite and hold us together. We can rely on each other and treat each other with trust and honesty.

The web of the BAAK Flex Cap

We professionally concentrate on the essentials in order to be successful together.

The sole

In our owner-managed family business it’s just more humane and appreciative.

Development of
The Fitting Elements

We develop innovative products and offer our employees a wide range of development opportunities.

The heel

With us, everyone stands by their behaviour and assumes responsibility.

The Logo

We want everyone to stay healthy – and offer individual support.

The back cap

Everyone has the sameopportunities with us and thus contributes to the success of the company.

The tightening loop

We laugh because it’s contagious and it doesn’t work without humor

The entry

We ensure transparency and are open to new ideas.

The BAAK lettering

Every employee is authentic and accepts his or her individual challenge as part of the team.

The shoe length

The right measure gives us orientation for our actions.

The stabilizing lugs

Our team and short decision-making processes are our strength.

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