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Baak Unity

Baak Unity

For health-conscious people

The health expert

Relieve pressure on your musculoskeletal system. With the unique Baak® go&relax system, your feet, muscles and joints will stay fit. Avoid pressure marks and foot ache. With the smart Baak® multi-width system, the shoe adjusts to your feet automatically.

Minimize the risk of falling or twisting your ankle with the patent-pending Baak® fitting system. With its insertable fitting elements, it closes the gap between your foot and your shoe. That gives your foot perfect stability and a safe tread – adjusted to your individual needs.

Baak Unity: The indoor custom shoe that you can buy off the rack.

Determine shoe size

Determine your shoe size with the practical Baak® orthostep insole!

  1. Take out the insole.
  2. Place your foot on it and verify if the heel is adjusted right to the hollow.
  3. If the longest toe is situated in the smiley area, you have chosen the right shoe size.
  4. If not, please chose bigger or smaller shoes.


Only when you are sure that you have chosen the right shoe size, please take out the enclosed set for foot type determination!

Determine foot type

This test can be done at home!

  1. Take out the wipe from the packaging
  2. Wipe complete soles of foot.
  3. Set both feet on the paper.
  4. Footprint on paper
  5. Compare
  6. Insert corresponding element into the zipper bag.


Important: The Baak Unity can be worn immediately. Fitting elements for arches of foot with medium height are already set in and can be exchanged respectively for a high or flat arch of foot, according to the foot type determination.

Determine fitting element

high arch of foot – blue fitting element
medium arch of foot – green fitting element
flat arch of foot – red fitting element

For a high or flat arch of foot please remove the green fitting element from the shoes and replace it by the blue or red one. The fitting elements are marked with (R+L) for the right and left shoe. The position is movable individually.

Insert fitting element

Due to the Baak® multi-widths-system, the shoe adjusts while lacing automatically to wider or slimmer feet. Ready – feel good!

Important: The foot type determination and our fitting elements do not replace an orthopedic checkup and – if necessary – an insole treatment. But we offer the possibility to identify norm variations and then to adjust the shoes individually.

In case of a necessary insole treatment (foot problems) we refer to orthopedists and orthopedic shoemakers.

The Baak® Unity is certified for orthopedic insole treatment, according to the German DGUV- regulation 112-191. In this case no fitting element should be used.

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