A website about safety shoes – and a blog entitled “Man, you are important!” ? How does this fit together?

It is easy: Each boss signalizes with the purchase of these shoes: “Man, you are important to me!“ He doesn´t just buy the very first shoe, but he decides consciously for the model that fits best (for 8 hours per day!). So he sends a message to each member of his staff:

“ I care for you and your health”.

“I care for you“ is the goal of my company "do care!".

This blog is about the interpersonal occupational safety! It is not only accidents that make people ill, but also the daily conduct among people – at least it influences the well-being at the company. If there is a strong solidarity and an appreciating atmosphere, work is a real health factor. We – Baak as a safety shoe expert and me – want to make a contribution to this subject with this monthly weblog.

We want to emphasize the human factor at the company.

This is important for your work – it doesn´t matter if you deal with it as a line manager, as a shop steward, as an expert for safety, as a company medical officer or as a health manager. Only if you reach the employee as a person, your work will prosper.

Henry Ford once said: “Why is there always a brain coming along when I just asked for a pair of hands?” In the same manner you could say: “You just need protection for two feet – but there is always a complete person connected on top.” And if he hasn´t got a convenient stand, he will never feel good at work.

When people feel that they are noticed and their personality is taken seriously, they prosper – and join with all the power they have. The result is: Productivity increases and people feel good at work, up to the general management.

So I wish you all the best – and please ”do care!“

matyssekDr. Anne Katrin Matyssek
(Graduated psychologist and advisor for in-plant health management with her company “do care!“; many years of experience with psychology in the field of occupational safety , working for trade associations and accident insurances.)


 Author of the books:

matyssek-buch-2  matyssek-buch-1

• „Wertschätzung im Betrieb. Impulse für eine gesündere Unternehmenskultur“ (Appreciation in the company. Impulses for a healthier business culture)
• „Gut, dass Sie da sind!“ (It is good that you are here)

From now on, each month you will find a new weblog entry for more appreciation at the company – with easy tips – so that everybody feels better at work.

You can find more information at www.do-care.de

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