Different materials for different needs

The soles of our safety shoes consist of two layers that serve different purposes: the midsole and the outsole. The midsole is soft and elastic. It provides good damping and reduces stress on the joints. The outsole is harder and resistant to mechanical and thermal influences. It is also slip-resistant and as abrasion-resistant as possible. The profile layout and the bending behaviour are among the decisive factors that allow the foot to roll over.

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Midsole materials

EVA: ethylene vinyl acetate / BSD

EVA is a very lightweight high-quality caoutchouc foam that is also used as midsole material in running shoes. Pressure-moulded EVA is not only very lightweight and elastic but also has excellent damping properties. Another advantage is its great temperature range from –30 °C to +170 °C. Baak was one of the first safety shoe manufacturers to identify those benefits and uses EVA for many of its models. BSD (Baak Special Damping) is a further development of EVA by Baak with an optimized durability, damping and bending behaviour.


Polyurethan (PU)

Polyurethane is a foamed plastic that is characterized by high elasticity and a comfortable damping behaviour.


Outsole materials

Nitrile rubber

The outsoles made of nitrile rubber are highly resistant to oils, fuels, many acids and faeces. They are very slip-resistant, robust and durable and have an excellent abrasion behaviour. In addition, they can be heat-resistant up to 300°C. Nitrile rubber outsoles are a little heavier than PU outsoles. Therefore, Baak combines them with particularly lightweight midsole materials in most cases. Nitrile outsoles with a rough lug tread are especially well suited for use in areas with sharp-edged splinters of glass and cuttings on the floor.


PU: polyurethane

Outsoles made of polyurethane, like nitrile rubber outsoles, are resistant to oils, fuels and certain chemicals. They are more lightweight than rubber and have good damping properties. They are heat-resistant up to 120°C and flexible at low temperatures up to -30°C.

TPU: thermoplastic polyurethane

Thermoplastic polyurethane is a special PU. It has the same positive properties and some more advantages such as a better abrasion behaviour, bending endurance and slip resistance.


Outsole design

Outsoles with the Baak® go&relax system allow the feet to bend naturally in the area of the basic toe joints. This is guaranteed by the Baak® flex zone – which is specially integrated in the outsole – in combination with the Baak® flex cap.

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