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Baak®go&relax system patented

The Baak®go&relax system receives patent

Natural and functional foot load
We, Ingo and Andrea Grusa and Dipl. Ing. Karsten Keidel, together with one of the world’s leading biomechanics, Prof. Dr. Gert-Peter Brüggemann, have developed and patented this innovative system. The knee and back-friendliness of safety shoes with BAAK® go&relax systems was biomechanically tested and scientifically evaluated (rated). Thus your feet, muscles and joints remain fit and efficient and was developed especially for people who wear safety shoes many hours a day. For this customer group, natural and functional foot stress is particularly important – a low-fatigue gait throughout the working day.

In conventional safety shoes, straight toe caps bend the feet unnaturally with every step. In addition, stiff outer soles restrict the movement of the basic toe joints of the toes. The two outer little toes are not involved in the rolling movement. This can lead to incorrect strain on the foot muscles, sinews and ligaments. And to serious consequences for foot dynamics and body statics.

This has now been patented by the European Patent Office with patent number EP3302132.

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