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Innovation award for ergonomics received

At the AplusA in Düsseldorf we were awarded the Innovation Prize for Ergonomics.

The IGR Institute for Health and Ergonomics from Nürnberg awards this prize to companies that distinguish themselves through their exemplary commitment to working people. The jury particularly honours companies that effectively translate their philosophy into ergonomic concepts and products.
At Baak this concept is called “go&relax”. The manufacturer equips its safety shoes with this concept. It is a proprietary – and recently patented – invention that takes better account of the anatomy and natural movement of the foot in the shoes. “With our now protected technology Baak go&relax we are occupying the future market of health with a unique selling point in the safety shoe sector”, says Ingo Grusa. Humanity is the driving force that spurred the team in the development of go&relax to concern itself even more with the nature of the human foot in order to offer the wearer further health benefits.

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