Why are Baak safety shoes more than safe?

Baak safety shoes go far beyond the pure compliance with occupational safety regulations. Employees have to feel good. Only then, work is fun. A benefit for the boss and the employees. This is why we offer safety shoes with a feel-good concept for individual demands!

Baak is the market leader in the field of “light safety shoes”. In 2009 we have been the first safety shoe manufacturer who transferred the EVA sole technology from the sports shoe- to the safety shoe sector – With an amazing success. And we keep on developing this advantage in technology for the good of the wearer. The lighter the shoes, the less force and energy effort for the wearer. He feels active and fit.


Increase the wear comfort - release the musculoskeletal system!

Safety shoes with Baak®go&relax system

In addition, we put our focus especially on the development of the long-term health maintenance for the safety shoe wearer. The foot is a natural marvel. We cannot make it better. But: developing safety shoes which enables the natural heel-to-toe-roll, this is our aim. With a positive effect on the whole musculoskeletal system of the wearer.


Developed in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Gert-Peter Brüggemann, one of the worldwide leading biomechanics.


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