Safety shoes are tested and certified according to EN 20345:2011.
In EN 20345:2011, all requirements for safety shoes are defined and split into basic and additional requirements. Examples of basic requirements:


Unless the shoe has an insole board, the insole must be non-detachable.

Toe protection:

  • Safety toe protection caps must be non-detachable
  • The toe cap must be equipped with an edge protection of a length of 5 mm minimum below the toe cap and 10 mm minimum in the opposite direction
  • The inner length of the toe cap must not exceed a certain required value (size 42: 39mm).
  • Resistance against shocks of 200 joules

Specific ergonomic features

The specific ergonomic features have to be considered positive on the basis of 3 test persons and 3 different foot sizes. Typical daily activities are simulated, such as:

  • Normal walking
  • Walking on stairs up and down, 1 min.
  • Kneeling/cowering

Slip resistance

The test shoe is put on the ground, loaded with a vertical force and moved horizontally on the ground surface (alternatively, the ground surface is moved against the shoe).
The frictional force is measured and the dynamic friction coefficient is calculated.

  • Detergent on ceramic tile = SRA
  • Glycerine on steel ground = SRB
  • Both tests passed = SRC


SymbolRequirement / propertiesRequired protection
P Penetration resistance of the outsole ↑ 1100 N
E Energy absorption in the heel section ↑ 20 Joule
A Antistatic shoe Between 0,1 and 1000 Ω
C Conductive shoe ↓ 0.1 MΩ
WR Waterproof  
WRU Water resistance and absorption of the upper materials ↑ 60 min.
HI Heat insulation Test at 150 °C
CI Cold insulation Test at -20 °C
HRO Resistance to heat contact Test at 300 °C
M Protection for metatarsus  
AN Protection for ankle  
CR Cut resistance  
SRA Slip resistance on ceramic tiles / detergent  
SRB Slip resistance on steel ground / glycerine  


There is only a protection against the dangers which are designated on the shoe.
The most common requirements are summed up in the following protection classes:


CategoryBasic RequirementAdditional Requirement
S1 Closed seat region, antistatic, energy absorption of seat region
S2 As for S1, but also water penetration and water absorption of the shoe uppers
S3 As for S2, but also penetration resistance of the outsole and cleated outsole



Safety Footwear EN ISO 20345S1S2S3
Basic requirements
Closed seat region
Resistance to fuel oil
Antistatic properties
Energy absorption of seat region
Water penetration/absorption  
Penetration resistance    
Cleated outsole    


We stand 100% by our Baak partners and we live multi-level distribution. We are able to offer an excellent service to the wearer of our safety shoes through our distribution partners, in Germany and of course also in our European export countries.

In Germany we support our distribution partners, and their end customer advisory service, with our motivated and competent area managers.

baak vertrieb

You are an end customer and you are interested in our safety shoes which are known in the market as extremely light and health-preserving due to their outstanding damping? You need “more than just safety shoes” ? Then do not hesitate to contact us directly or use the contact form. We are there for you!/ Feel good with us!

You are a dealer and you are interested in a partnership with a manufacturer of safety shoes which are known in the market as extremely light and health-preserving due to their outstanding damping? You need “more than just safety shoes”? Then do not hesitate to contact us directly or use the contact form. We are there for you! Feel good with us!

Why are Baak safety shoes more than safe?

Baak safety shoes go far beyond the pure compliance with occupational safety regulations. Employees have to feel good. Only then, work is fun. A benefit for the boss and the employees. This is why we offer safety shoes with a feel-good concept for individual demands!

Baak is the market leader in the field of “light safety shoes”. In 2009 we have been the first safety shoe manufacturer who transferred the EVA sole technology from the sports shoe- to the safety shoe sector – With an amazing success. And we keep on developing this advantage in technology for the good of the wearer. The lighter the shoes, the less force and energy effort for the wearer. He feels active and fit.


Increase the wear comfort - release the musculoskeletal system!

Safety shoes with Baak®go&relax system

In addition, we put our focus especially on the development of the long-term health maintenance for the safety shoe wearer. The foot is a natural marvel. We cannot make it better. But: developing safety shoes which enables the natural heel-to-toe-roll, this is our aim. With a positive effect on the whole musculoskeletal system of the wearer.


Developed in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Gert-Peter Brüggemann, one of the worldwide leading biomechanics.


You are interested?
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