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Simply build a school together

Baak – Humanity Is Our Motivation

This motto characterizes our family business. As one of the leading safety shoe manufacturers, we consider this in a unique way in our products, in the conduct within our team and towards our business partners, and last but not least in our social commitment.

Having supported mainly regional projects in the past, this year we have been touched by a very special project. We went on a delegation trip with the organization Fly & Help in Tanzania, in order to inaugurate a school whose building was financed by donations from Fly & Help.

Schools opening on 10th September 2019 in Lengijape (Tanzania)

This school was built in the middle of nowhere in Tanzania and now offers 600 children the possibility of learning to read, write and calculate. Without the support of Fly & Help, these kids would never have the chance to lead a self-determined life thanks to education. One should not forget that these people are deeply rooted in their home countries and by far most of them don´t want to leave their countries and flee to Europe. But beside bad humanitarian conditions, also the state of education in these emerging countries is very often appalling. Lots of money is invested in the capitals while the children in the country are forgotten. And exactly there we experienced how urgently aid is needed. We were so moved by the gratefulness and happiness of the local people that we promised Reiner Meutsch spontaneously:


”Reiner, we have a wonderful family which supports us, lots of friends and a great Baak team. Together we will collect donations in order to built a school in Africa in 2021.”

Reiner Meutsch – Fly & Help

Reiner Meutsch is the founder of the foundation Fly & Help, which finances the construction of school buildings in emerging countries. All started with a trip that was an adventure, an aid project and his heart´s desire at the same time. As a former managing associate of the tour operator ”Berge & Meer”, he fulfilled his lifelong dream. He replaced his desk with the cockpit of a small plane in order to fly around the world as the 10th German ever. Thus, he got lots of insights into the lives of people in other countries.

The five school projects during his trip around the world were just the beginning of a long-term education campaign of the foundation. Until today it has been possible to implement 331 school projects in 45 countries. Thanks to the new buildings, school attendance for thousands of children in Africa, Asia and Latin America is enabled, and with it the basis for a self-determined future.

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