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For us, quality of life means health, development, perceived opportunities, satisfaction and confidence. We look forward to helping people develop freely and find confidence in themselves. In this way, we create environments that enable people’s natures and unique potentials to unfold. We succeed in this with our lived corporate culture and with our unique products such as our safety shoes with the patented Go&Relax system. Together we go our BAAK-WAY to more quality of life.

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Safety shoes rethought. Discover the BAAK® Go&Relax system

PLUS X AWARD: Best Brand of the Year 2023

Baak Safety Footwear is proud to have received the PLUSXAWARD as Best Brand 2023 and additionally in the categories Design, Ergonomics, Quality and Functionality. Our innovative footwear collection is specially designed to meet the highest standards of work safety, comfort and style. Our safety shoes are made of high quality materials to ensure long life and maximum safety.

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Why are BAAK safety shoes more than safe?

Compliance with protection standards is a matter of course. BAAK additionally focuses on the long-term health of the safety shoe wearer during development. Only foot-friendly safety shoes allow the feet to move naturally.

This keeps feet, muscles and joints fit and efficient and relieves the entire musculoskeletal system. That is why we have developed the patented BAAK® Go&Relax system. The BAAK® Go&Relax system’s unique combination of flex cap, flex zone and H-joint in the outsole allows the feet to bend naturally when walking in the area of the basic toe joints, keeping the wearer healthy in the long term.

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The BAAK® Go&Relax system

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The BAAK® Ultralight Go&Relax Collection

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The decisive bend for more quality of life

A shoe should always allow what the foot naturally wants to do. With the clever combination of technical innovations, BAAK® Go&Relax succeeds in maintaining the natural movement and making it relaxed. A low-fatigue walk throughout the entire working day. That’s not only super comfortable, it’s also healthy. And for us, the decisive bend towards more quality of life.

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