Our mission

Profitability is the basis of our existence, but not the meaning of our actions

Especially through the last few years, it is valuable to know where we want to go as a company. It is even more valuable to know who we are, what we stand for and what attitude will lead us into the future. What values should guide us and what environment we want to create for our employees, partners and customers.

Together we developed our idea of the BAAK-WAY in workshops and discussions.

As a company and as a team, we want to accompany people in our environment on this path to a better quality of life. The BAAK-WAY symbolizes our route into the future. Let’s start together with the first steps.

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What does us lead on the BAAK-way?

Our identity and attitude

We accompany people on their way to a better quality of life. What does quality of life mean to you? For us at BAAK, better quality of life means health, development, perceived opportunities, satisfaction and confidence. From our point of view, those who do not live their values will have a rocky road. We at BAAK have also made these experiences. That is why we have consciously chosen a new path: The BAAK-WAY. We see it as our task to support people in developing freely and finding confidence in themselves. We succeed in this with our lived culture in the company and with our products. We create environments that enable people’s nature and thus their unique potential to unfold. With our BAAK-WAY we accompany people to a better quality of life. So come along…

unbox your nature

What does quality of life mean to you?

From now on, you will be asked this question more often when you meet BAAK. Because for us this is the core question for a good start into a conversation, for a better understanding of the people opposite, and as a result for better products.

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Three core values drive us every day....

…motivate us and give us orientation and clarity in our dynamic everyday lives. Our community of values thus manages to focus and work on ourselves and our products with the same mindset.

These three core values of our brand drive us and are evident in so many facets of our business. We put people, their health and continuous development at the center of the way we think and work. This is how we strengthen our important values: trust in BAAK, credibility in our products, and steady progress as a brand of the future.

We create environments that allow people’s nature and unique potentials to unfold. We achieve this with our lived culture and through the patented Go&Relax system in our safety footwear. This allows the foot to unfold its natural potential. This is how our new claim unbox your nature was born.

Humanity is our driving force. We want to improve the quality of life for the people around us. Sustainably.

Ingo Grusa - Managing Director BAAK®

Who is this path for?


The central BAAK product experience is for our customers who wear our safety shoes in everyday life. We want to offer them more quality of life in everyday life with our products. Through safety shoes that focus on the topic of health.


Our dealers, suppliers and cooperation partners are an important pillar for our brand. They are local contacts, offer perfect advice on our products and are special brand ambassadors for us. For our partners, we also try to improve the quality of life by listening carefully to their needs and how we can support them.


Our company is first and foremost there for people! As a value-oriented family business, we want to continuously create an environment in which we improve the quality of life in and around the workplace. We see our team as companions on the way, because we support each other and try to achieve our goals together.