Tested and certified

Safety shoes are tested and certified according to EN 20345:2011. EN 20345:2011 defines the requirements for safety footwear and divides them into basic requirements and additional requirements.

We are currently in the process of changing from the old to the new standard. Here you can find the overview of the changes.

New Standards (PDF)


CategoryBasic requirementsAdditional requirements
S1Closed seat region, antistatic properties, energy absorption in seat region
S2As S1, but with uppers preventing water penetration
S3As S2, but with a penetration-resistant midsole
Safety shoes EN ISO 20345:2011S1S2S3
Basic requirements
Closed seat region
Resistance to fuel oil
Antistatic properties
Energy absorption in seat region
Water penetration / absorption of the upper
Penetration resistance (P)
Cleated outsole


SymbolRequirementsRequired protection
PPenetration resistance↑ 1100 N
EEnergy absorption of the heel↑ 20 Joule
AAntistatic shoeBetween 0,1 and 1000 MΩ
CConductive shoe↓ 0.1 MΩ
WRWater resistant shoe
WRUWater resistant upper↑ 60 min.
HIHeat insulationTest at 150 °C
CICold insulationTest at -20 °C
HROHeat resistant outsoleTest at 300 °C
MMetatarsal protection
ANAnkle protection
CRCut resistance
SRASlip resistance
SRBSlip resistance

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