Emotional evening in Straelen

Thanks to Reiner Meutsch and FLY&HELP, a good 200 people experienced an unforgettable evening in the Bofrost Halle Straelen on Monday, 07.11.2022. We support the vision of the Reiner Meutsch Foundation to build schools in emerging countries by building a school in Malawi. In order to provide children with a livelihood in the form of education, the managing director couple Andrea and Ingo Grusa are particularly committed.

“Dear guests, I think we have all experienced a very special evening that will not only remain in our minds, but in our hearts. And we have experienced how important our support is for these people. One sentence in particular touched me this evening: Where people have the least, share the most. Maybe that’s exactly what we need,” Andrea Grusa concluded to long applause from the audience.

With traditional dance interludes, live music and singing, the presentation of the world journey was experienced by the audience.

For the official inauguration, of the now several school buildings, Andrea and Ingo Grusa will travel with a group of family, friends and co-workers to Malawi in May 2023. The 26 participants are looking forward to an eventful and emotional experience.

Already 3.200,-€ donations have been transferred on the first two days and support our project. If you would like to contribute to the school construction with a donation, please contact the Baak company.

His FLY & HELP round-the-world flight was an adventure, an aid project and his heart’s desire all at once. The founder and RPR1. radio presenter Reiner Meutsch fulfilled a lifelong dream: He exchanged his desk for the cockpit of a small plane to fly around the world once. However, the focus was not on adventure, but on the desire to enable children in developing countries to attend school.

In his luggage he has a thousand and one stories from his flight around the globe. Along a 100,000-kilometer flight route from Africa to Asia, Australia, North and South America, and Greenland, a captivating and at the same time moving story unfolds through 77 countries. A show of emotions and natural spectacles awaits the audience – from sandstorms in Mauritania, a speedy rickshaw ride through Kolkata, smoking volcanoes above the Andes or mighty glaciers on Greenland.

Using colorful images and entertaining video sequences, the globetrotter reports on the journey of a lifetime and the work of his foundation since 2010. “The show is very close to my heart. I want to inspire people, carry them away and use the favor of the hour to draw attention to the great importance of education in developing countries,” says the FLY & HELP globetrotter. (Source Fly & Help)