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Unbox your nature cardboard

“Unbox your nature” is our new claim. This applies both to the product and to our corporate culture. Loosely translated, we invite you to “Unbox your nature”. Those who soon take safety shoes out of the newly designed box made of FSC-certified recycled material will receive standardized safety shoes with the patented and award-winning in-house development BAAK GO&RELAX in their hands.

BAAK’s “unbox your nature” cardboard is produced sustainably and thus pays tribute to the corporate values of humanity, health and development. Sustainability plays a key role here. For example, the cardboard box requires no glue at all and is simply folded and inserted. This reduces the volume required for disposal. In accordance with the requirements of the new packaging law, the lid is attached directly to the carton, which is as stable as its predecessor – but is made from 90 percent recycled raw materials. Only a little ink is printed on the carton, there is no film and no wrapping paper, and there is no filling material.

Thanks to these measures, we save 2,000 trees per year that would normally be needed to produce the required cartons.